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 Defeat  peeking,  keylogging,  phishing  &  dictionary  attack. 


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GATE [ Graphic Access Tabular Entry ] is a revolutionary user authentication system that retains account security even in situations where potential intruders witness the entries being made due to the fact that GATE hides user pins among other symbols, and some user pins might not even appear in a particular login session. This makes GATE an interception-resistant authentication system which increases passcode strength exponentially.

The GATE system includes the following innovations :

[1]  GATE Authentication  :  An interception-resistant authentication system              US DISA TEM GATE authentication presentation [ 59 min. ]

[2]  GATE Encryption  :  A potentially quantum computer resistant encryption system

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Current Password System Problems   vs.   The GATE Solution

Threats  /  DifficultiesTraditional PasswordGATE Passcode

Current Password System Problems : [ See details in Password Problem Wake Up Call ⚠️ ]

(1)Traditional passwords and security questions cannot prevent peeking, wiretapping, keylogging, phishing and dictionary attacks.
(2)Image and photo-based methods require users to upload images or photo files, and the system must maintain the images and photos. This not only increases the burden on the user and the system, but if a hacker takes a video and plays back the login process, the image can still be recognized.
(3)Graphics, gestures, or location-based authentication methods can only be used between humans and machines, and cannot be used for machine-to-machine authentication.
(4)Key fob and mobile phone based approaches which mainly rely on objects, may be lost, stolen or imitated.
(5)Fingerprints, facial recognition or iris scans are difficult to recover after data loss.
Therefore, there is a need for an authentication and encryption system and method that can overcome the above-mentioned problems.

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Traditional password system is causing a vicious cycle, because of its obvious exposure of user pins during the login process, hackers are able to easily steal user passwords by peeking over the shoulder, using hidden cameras to record and play back the login processes or directing users to phishing sites. Data breaches caused by password exposure in turn will pressure system administrators to enforce more strict password requirements onto the users, demands like : passwords must be at least 8 digits long, must have uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. And every 2, 3 months users are required to change their passwords. These restrictions made it harder for users to remember their passwords. And therefore, users will have to save their passwords to somewhere, and when hackers get to that somewhere, all user passwords will be stolen.

Innovative Solution    To The Password Problems  :  GATE [ Graphic Access Tabular Entry ]

 GATE can use short and easy to remember passcodes to defeat peeking、wiretapping、keylogging、phishing and dictionary attack. 

With traditional password system, only one exposure, the password will be stolen.

But the GATE system can play the role of armor and bullet-proof glass, enabling users to resist multiple types of attacks in a high-risk environment without exposing passwords.

Through the comparison between the current password system and the GATE authentication system, we can see the strength of the GATE system.

The "Open Sesame" style of password has been used for thousands of years. With improvements of hackers' abilities to steal passwords, existing password systems can no longer ensure the security of our networks. Now is the time to update the password technology to adapt to the modern digital world : "When the mara grows a foot, the magga grows a yard" [ Good defeats evil ] !

The interception-resistant authentication system GATE has won multiple international cyber security innovation awards.

GATE has been selected to the top 100, among more than 2800 technologies collected from all over the world at 2021 ZGC International Technology Trade Conference.

The innovative GATE system overcomes the weaknesses of traditional passwords. Special characters are part of the GATE design. It uses tokens [ groups of symbols, displayed on buttons ] to let user enter user pins from passcode, each token has several symbols, some randomly selected user pins are included in these tokens. It is impossible for hackers to tell which symbols in the tokens are valid user pins, which are non-user pins, thereby increasing password strength exponentially. Some user pins might not even appear in the tokens, in that case user can and must enter random tokens in place of those pins, and this uncertainty makes guessing your passcode much harder, like hiding a needle in a haystack.

Instead of entering one digit at a time like the traditional approach, the GATE system enters multiple symbols at a time as a token. Only someone with knowledge of the passcode will be able to tell if the token entered is valid or not.

Fixed passwords have the advantage of easy to remember, one-time passwords have the advantage of hard to hack, GATE passcode is a fixed passcode to the user, but from the hackers' perspective, it changes every time, GATE passcodes have the best of both worlds, short and easy to remember, yet secure and hard to hack.

Basically what GATE is trying to achieve is the following :
[a] Solve the main problem current password system has : user pin exposure during the authentication process, by peeking over the shoulder, phishing, keylogger or video camera.
[b] Ease requirements for passwords that make them hard to remember : lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters, at least 8 digits long, change every 2 ,3 months ...
[c] Avoid dictionary attack.
[d] Avoid problems of bio-metrics.

The biggest risk is not using the GATE system to protect passwords and causing them to be stolen !

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  GATE_Comparison   A demo app to compare the weaknesses of traditional password systems to the strengths
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Feedbacks From Cybersecurity Experts :

What do experts have to say about the GATE system.

  • Ted Murphree

    Ted Murphree
    Counsel, IT Privacy & Security

  • Scott Schober

    Scott Schober
    Berkeley Varitronics Systems

  • Cary Pool

    Cary Pool
    President,S. CSS,NAC-ISSA

  • Eduard B

    Eduard B
    NTO Microsoft Romania

  • Jonathan Rosenoer

    Jonathan Rosenoer
    IBM Master Inventor

  • Ted Murphree

    Counsel, IT Privacy & Security, Researcher, Mentor, and GDPR scholar

    “I’ve reviewed your dossier and am greatly impressed with your experience. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you and hope to meet you at a conference in the future ...

    “Frank, you've worked really hard on this, and it shows. You've brought "graphic examples" of what you're trying to get across. You're going to make it. Keep going down this path and there are big things ahead for you. Work smart. Not hard.

    I'm happy to help, Frank. You've made a great deal of progress and you're going to be successful. You're in position now to do so...

    Here's the thing - you've got drive and initiative. You've a rare talent... You're a maverick in a good way, forging your path.

    There is risk in forging your own path, but also potentially great reward. You'd be happiest, I think, inventing and doing your "thing."

  • Scott Schober

    President/CEO, Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. Greater New York City Area

    hi Frank,

    This method is clearly very strong. Don't think brute force automated software will be able to compromise. I do like the wildcard & fact that the pins are sometimes obscured making it further challenging to hack. Key logger won't be successful    ...   

    You have solved the hardest part- developing a very strong authentication method that 9 out of 10 hackers would give up on and move on. I think the next challenge is to demonstrate / implement in real world use cases that the average person can get    ...    i.e. short / simple video depicting someone using the GATE system accessing their online bank account

    Thank you for sharing !


  • Cary Pool

    President : Southeastern Cyber Security Summit, North Alabama Chapter Information Systems Security Association (NAC-ISSA)

    Hi Frank,

    Sorry I missed this email for so long it was in my spam folder. It was great meeting you. Did you get any traction from Google's *** ?

    Have you created an API that people can license and implement?

    If you'd like to write an article about it we'd be happy to publish it on our NAC-ISSA.ORG website and link to your site.

    I'll follow up with her and see if she'll respond.

    Warm Regards,


  • Eduard B

    National Technology Officer at Microsoft Romania, Bucharest, Romania

    Thank you very much for reaching out to me. I have seen and implemented many authentication methods, but GATE looks very simple and strong.

    I think the key is to ensure the security of the server with strong encryption and you can beat almost any authentication solution in the market today by simplicity, cost efficiency versus the provided level of security.

    I will share it on my linkedin account - hope it helps to be seen by my network of security professionals, but also i will recommend it to some banks/insurance/security services providers that i am in contact with on security topics.

    I will also get back to you for more info about real life implementation, if needed. Once again, thanks for sharing and congrats for such an outstanding and simple solution !


  • Jonathan Rosenoer

    Blockchain Strategic Partnership Leader & IBM Master Inventor, New York, New York

    This is a pretty cool solution. (And I see a lot of inventions every week.) we should find time for a call.

    How are you commercializing this?



Awards Won :

GATE won "Cybersecurity Innovation Award" at 2017 International Cyber Security and Intelligence Conference [ ICSIC ] on November 7th - 8th, 2017 in Toronto, Canada. 2017 Silicon Valley Best
Cyber Security Vendor Achievement
Silver Winner : GATE Cyber Technology LLC
Bronze Winner : Startup of the Year
GATE won "Global Excellence Awards" at 2018 Info Security Products Guide on April 16, 2018 in San Francisco. Frank Ni won "Cyber Excellence Award" at 2018 National Cyber Summit on June 7, 2018 in Huntsville AL.


GATE won "Innovation Award
In Cyber Security" at IET on
14 November 2018, in Brewery, London.

GATE won "Global Excellence Award"
at 2020 Info Security Products Guide.

GATE has been selected to the top 100,
among more than 2800 technologies collected
from all over the world at 2021 ZGC
International Technology Trade Conference

GATE [ Graphic Access Tabular Entry ]

An Interception-resistant Authentication System

Award Winning Innovation To Better Protect Passwords

Secure By Design

US Patent : 9,460,280


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